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  SurgiVision DataLink Ophthalmic Applications  

SurgiVision® DataLink Alcon Edition  
An online surgical planning solution for surgeons using the Alcon WaveLight Lasers, with state-of-the-art nomograms and outcomes analysis.
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SurgiVision® DataLink Custom Edition
An online surgical planning solution for Visx CustomVue surgeons, with state-of-the-art nomograms and outcomes analysis for CustomVue treatments.
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Data Entry & Surgical Planning
Comprehensive Reports

SurgiVision® DataLink AcuFocus Edition
Online Data Registry with automated nomogram development, surgical planning and outcomes analysis for AcuFocus KAMRA™ surgeons.
NOTE: Enrollment limited to surgeons outside the United States.
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SurgiVision® DataLink IOL Edition
Comprehensive premium IOL outcomes tracking in a collaborative Data Registry, sponsored by Bausch and Lomb. Compare IOL outcomes from all manufacturers in an easy to use online interface.
IOL Edition IOL AO Study Edition
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SurgiVision® DataLink IEK Registry
Track and analyze IEK outcomes in this collaborative outcomes project for surgeons performing IntraLase®-Enabled Keratoplasty
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The Refractive Surgery Consultant™ Elite
Outcomes and Optimized Nomogram Generation
For Refractive Surgery

Enrollment in this program is closed. This program has been replaced by the DataLink series of products.



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